March 28, 2020

Poll: Israeli and American Jews Divided on Trump, Israeli Policy

A new survey from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) shows some stark differences between Israeli Jews and American Jews on President Trump and Israeli policy.

The June 10 survey found that 77% of Israeli Jews strongly or somewhat approve of Trump’s handling of United States-Israel relations and 10% disapprove somewhat or strongly; for American Jews those figures were 34% and 57%, respectively.

There were also differences between the two when on Israel policy matters. Eighty-five percent of Israeli Jews approve of the Jerusalem embassy move while only 46% of American Jews supported the move. On the two-state solution, 44% of Israeli Jews favored it and 48% were opposed; for American Jews those numbers were 59% and 30%, respectively.

Additionally, differences were stark on the mixed gender prayer area on the Western Wall, as 42% of Israeli Jews supported it while 73% of American Jews supported it.

The survey was conducted from April 18-May 10 for American Jews with a margin of error of 3.9%; for Israeli Jews the survey was conducted in May with margin of error of 3.1%.

“The main factor predicting how people will respond is how they identify religiously,” AJC CEO David Harris said in a statement. “The more observant they are on the denominational spectrum, their Jewish identity and attachment to Israel is stronger; skepticism about prospects for peace with the Palestinians higher; and support for religious pluralism in Israel weaker.”

Harris added that differences in “political affiliation” were also part of the divide.

“The majority who identify with the Democratic Party and voted for Hillary Clinton are less attached to Israel, more weakly identified with the Jewish people, and more favorable to religious pluralism than the minority who are Republicans and report that they voted for Donald Trump,” Harris said.

The full results of the poll can be seen here.