January 18, 2019

Democrat D.C. Councilman Won’t Apologize for Donating to Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam

Trayon White, the Democrat councilman in Washington D.C. who has come under fire for saying the Rothschilds control the weather, reportedly donated to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and is refusing to apologize for it.

According to The Washington Post, $500 from White’s Constituent Services Fund that is supposed to be allocated for his D.C. constituents went to the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day event in February. At that event, Farrakhan railed against “that Satanic Jew” and declared that “powerful Jews are my enemy.”

White claimed that he didn’t know about the donation, although his treasurer claimed that White had ordered him to make the donation.

In a April 21 Facebook Live video, White defended the donation, stating that he was asked by a couple of his constituents to do so.

“I am not resigning, I’m not backing down, I’m not discouraged, I’m not depressed, so run all the media stories you want because my people support me,” White said.

White added that it was perfectly fine to donate to the Nation of Islam even he didn’t agree with everything Farrakhan says.

“That’s my brother, that’s my sister, that’s my uncle, that’s my father,” White said. “So you can choose your friends. But my grandmother taught me you can’t choose your family.”

The American Jewish Committee of Washington D.C. (AJC) excoriated White in a statement, calling on the councilman to condemn Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam as well as “dramatically change his behavior.”

“Time will tell if he can move forward from these incidents or if these events will indelibly undermine his ability to lead,” the AJC stated.

White is already under fire for repeating the longtime anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the European Rothschild banking family controls the weather as well as for his behavior at the D.C. Holocaust Museum. White left early from the museum tour without providing explanation, although he later said that he didn’t feel comfortable with a Post reporter following him around. The reporter claims he was never asked to leave.

Before White left the museum, he claimed that the Nazis were “protecting” a girl in a photo who was wearing a sign stating that a Jew had “defiled” her. One of White’s aides also called the Warsaw Ghetto a “gated community.”

The Washington Post called White’s behavior at the museum “beyond shocking” in an editorial.

“This event combined with Mr. White’s anti-Semitic pronouncements last month indicate that Ward 8 is in need of adult leadership,” the Post editorial states.