November 19, 2018

Active Hostage Situation Ongoing in California Veterans Home

There is an active hostage situation occurring in a California veterans home, according to various news reports.

At around 10:20 am, a call came through alerting law enforcement of an active shooter at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville. A man reportedly dressed in black and body armor while carrying an automatic weapon entered the home and fired multiple shots in Building G, the Madison Building. The shooter is believed to have fired 15-30 shots.

The gunman is holding three people hostage; they are said to be women employees.

Law enforcement officials have surrounded the area and are warning people nearby to avoid the area. The home has taken steps to evacuate the facilities and is currently on lockdown. There are no reported injuries yet.

The Napa Valley Register is reporting that while the gunman has not been identified, he is 36 years old and was recently discharged from The Pathway Home, which helps veterans who deal with “emotional trauma.”

The Yountville Veterans Home is the biggest veterans home in the country, housing 1,000 disabled veterans who served in various wars. It’s located in Napa County.