January 19, 2020

This Man Is Selling T-Shirts of Trump Quotes

President Trump has many well-known quotes, and now you can wear t-shirts featuring those quotes thanks to the establishment of a recent website.

The site, 45SaidIt!, was created by Israel Schachter, the CEO and co-founder of Charity Bids. Schachter told the Journal in an email that he got the idea after he received a text message in regards to a child in Toronto who recently received a cancer diagnosis.

“After recommending who at Chai Lifeline they should reach out to, and what kind of support they could expect, I wrote one last text: ‘sad,’” wrote Schachter. “Then, a second later, to try and lighten the mood a bit, I wrote back again: ‘Sad!’ – President Donald J. Trump …and the idea was born!”

The shirts sold on the site are all featured in either red or blue with the Trump quote blaring along the chest with Trump’s hair above the quote.

Some of the quotes featured on the shirts include:

  • “I’d give myself a ten.
  • “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.
  • “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her.”
  • “It’s fake news.”

And of course, Trump’s signature “You’re fired!”

“You’ll notice that many of the quotes we chose, are quotes that make great t-shirts no matter who said them,” wrote Schachter.

Schachter has two favorite Trump quotes.

“The Jew in me loves: ‘I have a Jewish daughter. It wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,’” wrote Schachter. “But otherwise, my favorite shirt on the site at this time is: ‘I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.’ I mean, that, hands down, has got to be one of the most t-shirt-worthy things ever said by a world leader!”

Some of the proceeds will be going to charity. Although the specific charities haven’t yet been chosen, Schachter is aiming to send some of the money toward charities that benefit Mexico and Puerto Rico after the recent earthquake and hurricane that affected each nation, respectively.

“I prefer to wait and see how many shirts we can sell, and come to a charity, or a number of charities, with a substantial donation amount,” wrote Schachter. “It allows us to better direct funds and ensure that our donation(s) go towards a specific project, directly assisting those in need. We’re quite familiar with the charity space, so that is not something that will be difficult for us to figure out when the time comes.”

The site first went live on Wednesday evening, so Schachter hasn’t done any marketing for it yet. But the site has already received just under 30 orders.

“Ask me in a week, and I hope to give you a very different answer — something like ‘HUGE’ or “BIGLY,’” wrote Schachter.