March 28, 2020

My Judaism tells me to vote Trump!

I’ve been called names, some measured, others not so much.

When I announced my intention to vote for Trump, many respected community leaders privately and publicly schooled me on my horrific decision.  Initially, in this Journal, I had decided to vote for Clinton.  I was first criticized for my article on why Persian Jews support Trump.

How could I vote for a man who gropes women?  What kind of father am I?  What am I teaching my daughters?

How could I vote for a man who refuses to denounce David Duke and his KKK supporters?

How could I, as an immigrant, enter America and close the door behind me on the huddled masses that seek its refuge?

How could I stand with a man that mocks the invalid, an American war hero, Mexicans, Muslims, to name just a few?

“Afshine,” I heard, “for God’s sake, he is a demagogue who only cares for himself.  Our Torah teaches that words matter.  Our God created this world through speech.  Listen to him.  Trump stands against everything, every value that is Jewish.”

I cried at nights, on a couch, by myself, as I poured over the news.  Because what they said was true.  Is true.  My heart told me to vote Hillary, while my brain told me to vote Trump.  But how could I be this evil?

I’m blessed with a wide audience on social media.  As I posted more how I am supporting Trump, many of these people gave up on me, and some un-friended and blocked me.  But others came around.  Two Muslim women wrote to me, saying that Trump was the lesser of two evils.  One highly respected and well known Jewish leader told me that he supports Trump and agreed with my line of thinking.  Then, several authors, public speakers, religious leaders privately messaged me with “thank you for the courage of your voice to speak our truth.”  Many of these people have been verbally attacked or ridiculed in public and remain afraid to speak their mind.

For me, the primary transformation occurred in judging action over speech.

Despite what the media says, the choice remains between the lesser of two evils.

I will not judge those who vote for Clinton negatively.  I get it.  I understand their reasoning.

But, my Judaism teaches me “Justice, Justice you shall pursue!” Deuteronomy 1:18-21:9 

I have spent hours reading the material presented by Wikileaks.  Clinton clearly knew the difference between public and private domains.  She engaged in a scheme of Pay-for-Play with Arab countries while Secretary of State.  President Obama was also aware of her server and instructed her to clean it up.  She intentionally avoided justice by destroying evidence from the FBI, until last Friday when the investigation was reopened.  The Clinton Foundation at this time is under “High Priority” investigation.  She cheated on getting Sanders out of the race.  She cheated by having the questions ahead of the debates.  She cheated by implanting disruptive demonstrators in Trump rallies.  She cheated by having a mole inside the FBI.  She cheated by getting assistance from the President to clean up her server.  She is a cheat.

The White House, her famous husband, and the widely trusted media in this country from CNN to NYTimes to The Atlantic are all campaigning for her.  But she is still dubiously leading in polls that are often skewed.  Why is that?  What do the American people know?

And the questions they asked, bounce back.

How could you vote for a woman who takes money from countries in which women have no rights, where gays are hung?  How could you vote for a woman who stands with her husband who sexually abused multiple women? 

How could you as Jews vote for a woman whose closest friend and right-hand person has strong ties with Islamists, whose friends are the despicable anti-Semites Sidney and Max Blumental, whose largest contributor is George Soros?

How could you as an American not worry about Islamists who seek your destruction?  There is no good way to vet the Syrian refugees.  There is no comparison between them and the Iranian Jews who entered America and contributed much.  Although my heart breaks for the women and children whose photos haunt my imagination,  I worry more for the Islamists who hide among them and kill our women and children.

How could you stand with a woman who has been instrumental in the formation of ISIL, a barbaric terrorist organization responsible for mass murders of innocent children, Muslims, and the destruction of ancient cities?

What are you teaching your daughters?  That as a woman you can cheat and become President?

And personally, I see the suffering of many families as a result of a debunk and disastrous Obamacare that must be repealed and replaced.  Morally, ethically, I want a better healthcare system for Americans- not the sham that Obama built and she will continue.

So,  I ask you my friends:  What part of the Torah teaches you to support grand scale corruption?  What part of Judaism teaches you to vote for her lies?

A vote for Trump is a vote against Clinton.  

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof.  Justice, Justice you shall pursue.  Because action speaks louder than words.

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