November 19, 2018

ADL head: Trump should apologize for star tweet

Donald Trump could put the “Star of David” tweet to rest if he would apologize and acknowledge that the perceived offense caused harm, ADL’s CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said on Tuesday.

“He should just admit the offense [and] apologize,” Greenblatt said in an interview on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon late Tuesday. “I think this would satisfy all of the public – on the right and the left, Democrats and Republicans. Just say, ‘White supremacists, extreme right, you have no place in my campaign. Hate has no place in the public square, and you have nothing to do with making America great again.’”

According to Greenblatt, if the presumptive Republican presidential campaign would “clearly and unequivocally” disavow the support from David Duke, the KKK and white supremacist groups, “this issue would be over.”

Professor Alan Dershowitz, also appearing on the program, predicted the controversy would hurt Trump’s support among Jewish voters. “I already have heard from four or five Jewish voters who were thinking of voting for him, Republicans, who said say this crossed the line,” Dershowitz, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said. “I think it will hurt him, but it will help him with people on the extreme, extreme neo-nazi right.”

Public criticism of Trump’s weekend tweet against Hillary Clinton, which included an image of Clinton and a Star of David