December 10, 2019

Trump targets Clinton on tenure at State Dept.

Seeking to reshape the narrative of the presidential race, Donald Trump on Wednesday lambasted his rival Hillary Clinton as a failed secretary of state with a proven record that disqualifies her from being president.

“The Hillary Clinton foreign policy has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars – and unleashed ISIS across the world,” Trump said during a speech at Trump SoHo Hotel in Manhattan on Wednesday. “No Secretary of State has been more wrong, more often, and in more places than Hillary Clinton.”

Trump pointed to Clinton’s handling of the Arab Spring in Egypt and blamed her for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the emergence of ISIS. Before she took over as Secretary of State, “Egypt was governed by a friendly regime that honored its peace treaty with Israel,” Trump said. “The Egyptian military has retaken control, but Clinton has opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam.”

Asserting that Israel has been mistreated by the Obama administration, Trump added, “Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is now the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East, and on the road to nuclear weapons,” whereas before she came into office, “Iran was being choked by sanctions.”

“She lacks the temperament, the judgment and the competence to lead,” Trump said two weeks after Clinton “>rocky at