December 9, 2018

What I Love and Hate About Donors Choose

This week I received in the mail an unexpected surprise: an envelope full of hand-made thank-you notes from local fifth grade students. A while ago I made a donation through “>Chabot Space and Science Center for her students. As I read through the notes, I was surprised by the emotional response I had to them.

The friend who made this request works for a school which teaches a lot of at-risk kids. Many of them come from low income families, and many of them are either undocumented, or have parents or other family members who are undocumented. They live precarious lives, struggling to get by, often trying to learn without much help from their parents, who may be out in the evening working at their second or third job, or who are struggling, themselves, to learn English.

Does this mean the school they attend, “>Religious and Reform Facebook page to see additional photos, and