November 16, 2018

Ron Rivlin & His Warhol Art Collection to Appear on Larry King’s Newest Show

“The concept of Andy [Warhol] saying ‘why put money in the bank when you could put art on the wall?’—That’s what inspired me to invest,” said Ron Rivlin, art collector and owner of Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Having accumulated one of the largest Andy Warhol collections in the world, Rivlin was invited to speak about his fascination with Warhol alongside Bas Rutten, Alex Meneses, Cheech Marin, and a live audience on Larry King’s newest show, which will air on the History Channel in March.

The episode focuses on celebrities and their art collections.

From Revolver Gallery’s collection, Rivlin brought Warhol’s Geronimo print, Teddy Roosevelt TP, Hot Dog Bean Soup Can, Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy, Liza Minelli sketch, and the Dollar Sign canvas.

Rivlin told King that his favorite Andy Warhol piece was the Dollar Sign canvas, not because of the beauty of the image, but rather because of the symbolism of Warhol’s perspective of art and money.

A Canadian native, Rivlin recently returned from Toronto, where his Andy Warhol Revisited exhibit culminated at the end of December.