September 21, 2019

Rabbi Mark Borovitz statement: ‘Netanyahu does not speak for the Jewish people!’

Los Angeles, Calif. – While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out his case against the nuclear deal with Iran, Rabbi Mark Borovitz of Beit T'Shuvah expressed disappointment regarding the timing of the speech and believes it was ultimately disrespectful to an ally.

“Netanyahu would not stand for the same happening in his country,” explained Rabbi Borovitz.  “He does not speak for the Jewish People!  No one does.

“My issue with this speech isn't that he has a different opinion of this nuclear deal.  My concern is that he's walking over the powerful and positive relationship between Israel and the United States by publicly undermining the decisions our leaders have made.

“I have grave concerns regarding Iran. They, like Russia and others, cannot be trusted. Mr. Netanyahu's position is understandable, his methods are not. As Jews, we know that ends never justify the means.

“A speech to Congress without notifying the White House is disrespectful to an ally and gives ammunition to those who would prefer to minimize the relationship between our two countries,” says Borovitz.

Founder of Beit T'Shuvah, Harriet Rossetto, adds that by focusing on the politics of the situation Prime Minister Netanyahu is distracting attention from the real issue at hand. “By splitting people here and in Israel he diminished our ability to address the primary issue, which is the danger posed by Iran,” says Rossetto.

Rabbi Mark Borovitz is the CEO of Beit T'Shuvah.