August 18, 2019

Sermon Sneak Peek: The Rabbis of Adat Ari El

ED: The following is a excerpt from the story, “Rabbis Share Sneak Previews of Holy Days Messages” which ran in our Rosh Hashanah Sept. 7 issue. 

The Rabbis of Adat Ari El
The rabbis of Adat Ari El are covering a variety of themes and issues that respond to our community-wide discussions and that also tap into the spirit of the High Holy Days. In a time of increasingly harsh, coarse and unkind social discourse, Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard’s heartfelt sermons will highlight the need to show compassion toward oneself and others. Rabbi Jessica Yarkin will speak about the dangers of assumptions when judging others and the harm done by taking someone at face value. We are also extremely blessed to have our Rabbi Emeritus Moshe Rothblum join us for the High Holy Days and explore the essence of Yom Kippur: forgiveness.

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