November 16, 2018

A Bright Light For The L.A. Art Scene: QART.COM Gallery Opening

How much do you know about Stan Lee, despite the fact that he was Jewish, and had something to do with Spiderman? If not much, then here is your chance to discover one of the reasons why he is considered to be one of the most important comic-book artists of all time.

Quality Art Auctions, also known as QART.COM,  have opened their first gallery, and their first event is this Sunday, December 14th at the Marina del Rey gallery and showroom. The main event will benefit the Stan Lee Foundation, as all proceeds will be entirely donated to the famous organization that promotes art, culture, and literacy throughout the nation.

About 200 pieces of Stan Lee’s work will be showcased, all of which are currently being auctioned off for the remainder of the five days on QART.COM. The highest bidder will win one of the brilliant Lee-sque paintings/illustrations, but the true winners will be those who actually visit the site on opening day. What is truly astounding is that 100% of all the earnings will go towards the Foundation.

Stan Lee, a native of New York, is perhaps known as one of the most famous comic book personalities in the world, having had an enormous role in the creation of famous characters such as the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the X-men, he has shaped the stylistic concepts behind modern comic book art. Although most of you would be quick to dismiss such art as blandly kitsch, it would be an immediate refusal of the aesthetics beauty of pop-culture, or better said, that of the colourful mosaics. The truth is that illustration, although not for everyone, does have an innate value to it.

Lee began his career working for Timely Comics in the 40’s, but soon moved up to Marvel where he played an fortuitous role in propelling the company to the stance of a giant in the comic book world. To this day he still plays an important part in the industry. The former editor-in-chief and president of Marvel announced that there will be extraordinary crossovers between characters which would lead to new movie titles to fit in the pattern of the rise of the “super-hero” genre in the last few years.

Although I am one of those who admittedly does not know much about comic books beyond what the common individual, it is still easy to understand the immense scope behind “super-hero” illustrations. Their shattering detail and structures sometimes act in mesmerizing fashion. It certainly does come down to pure aesthetics, but they tell me that they’re some fairly complex stories behind the characters.

Lee’s work won’t be the only thing that visitors will be able to find at the gallery opening. There will be live paintings by artists such as Marta Wiley, and Martin Katon. There will also be food, and wine, which should be more then enough to provide for a pleasant evening.