February 17, 2020

Water Retention: Helpful Prayer

Be a prayer. Be a hopeful one. it's the only helpful one.

The blessing of waiting for the messiah is the lesson of hope.

Be an outlandish prayer for peace. Dispite what you think, or what people have told you, people who have been doing this work building new eco-systems, finding ways of retaining water for autonimous water systems, and researching new ways of life that are sustainable, regenerative, and good for the earth. Suspend your judgement or fear, please. This is our opportunity to do so!

“it is possible to heal the world in a short time.” – Deiter Duhm

Lets start with water management. It is possible to build regenerative water retention landscapes everywhere. Now, we are losing most of the rain before it can be spring water.  Our way of doing things has created deserts where there are not meant to be because there is now an inability for the ground to absorb it! When rain falls, the water could be used there, right there. We have the technology available now to make lakes everwhere by harnessing rain water even in places where not much rain falls. It could be so helpful.

Below are some websites to see the work of Sepp Holzer and his family.