December 8, 2019

New Earth

     It was dehydrated in the desert on Tisha B'Av. in light of all the nonsensical devestation around the globe, if I died keeping Halacha, I died.

     I was blessed to hear Starhawk speak right as the end of the day was nearing. She shared about water, fire, and human life. She says when we recognize something as sacred, you are willing to sacrifice for it. You do whatever you can to protect it.

     A fundamental shift is that things cannot get worse, and at the very bottom, a sun shines. The answers are rich and thorough. They say Moshiach is born on Tisha B'Av, and in this, it has been born in each.

“Wars are waged by those with wrong information.” -Deiter Duhm

     Start with making water retention landscapes to provide clean water for everyone anywhere in the world.