December 8, 2019

The Center of the Train, Single Payer Health Care

It is devastatingly frustrating to see people trying to get on the NYC subways, totally crowded on top of each other, cramming into the doors, while the center of the subway cars are wide open. Why do people not move totally down and into the car, so people don’t have to wait for the next one? It seems strange.

Likewise, healthcare for all is a necessity.  Single Payer Health Care seems to be a wonderful system. If there is something major I am not seeing in this, please share your insight with me There is no excuse not to simply care for each other. As it is now, the doctors can’t even do their jobs, and people don't have access to medical care that they can manage to pay for. Most doctors are already on payrolls anyway. 

No more “back of the bus” or front of the bus! We can move to the center of the train.