November 21, 2019

An Interesting Change

Yesterday a” title=”Public Religion Research Institute” target=”_blank”> Public Religion Research Institute in Washington, D C which appears to be a legitimate survey research operation.

The headline making” title=”2003 study ” target=”_blank”>2003 study by the American Jewish Committee found that approximately 66 percent of those surveyed termed anti-Semitism “somewhat of a problem” an additional 29 percent said it is a “very serious problem.” That is, 95% of those surveyed saw anti-Semitism as a matter of concern.

That is in striking contrast to this poll where anti-Semitism doesn’t even make the cut-off for the top five concerns. I have a query pending at the pollsters who conducted this survey to determine whether they chose simply not to probe the issue or if they had a reason, such as non-salience, for why it wasn’t included in their polling instrument.

They polled a significant proportion of younger folks (40% of those surveyed were under 45 years old) which may help explain the seemingly anomalous results.

In the meantime, it’s worth the time to look at the