December 11, 2018

UCLA investigating activist David Horowitz over #JewHaters posters

A UCLA spokesman said campus police are investigating conservative activist David Horowitz after ” target=”_blank”>variations on infamous photos of Hamas executioners with accused informants, and of Hamas militants posing with armed Palestinian children. Each poster had the words “Students for Justice in Palestine” and the hash tag #JewHaters.

On March 5, a UCLA spokesman told the Journal that campus police were evaluating whether the posters constituted vandalism, but citing university policy regarding ongoing investigations, did not identify Horowitz or anyone else as a suspect in their investigation.

On March 3, though, the David Horowitz Freedom Center sent a fundraising email blast, signed by Horowitz, that said he had been accused by UCLA of defacing university property and that a legal battle might ensue. He also wrote that he wouldn’t cooperate with any investigation until UCLA enforces its “Principles of Community” — rules that prohibit religious and ethnic discrimination — against SJP.

The posters were the first major public action for a new Freedom Center initiative called Jew Hatred on Campus.

On March 5, Horowitz repeated his previous statement that he wants UCLA to revoke SJP’s status as an approved campus group. He also elaborated on the goal of his poster campaign:

“This campaign is designed to change the conversation about whether the Palestinians are engaged in a genocidal war against Israel, and whether Students for Justice in Palestine is a hate group,” Horowitz said.

As of March 9, Horowitz said he had not heard from UCLA investigators in several days.