September 21, 2019

Tel Aviv street artist Dede re-designs the Dolphinarium

Like most abandoned buildings in Tel Aviv, the beachfront Dolphinarium has long been a magnet for graffiti, both amateur and pro. But local street artist Dede — best known for the “>post to his Facebook page last Friday, the artist revealed a 100-foot wraparound mural that transforms the building's curved front end into a pair of “>Haaretz, the complex shut down just four years after its grand reveal — and from there, “gradually deteriorated” into a half-abandoned shell for a cheap rotation of theaters, nightclubs and ocean-sport rental shops. (Thus suffering a similar fate as “>Israeli Foreign Ministry, “the explosive charge contained a large number of metal objects — including balls and screws — designed to increase the extent of injuries.” Photos from the bombing's aftermath, of mangled youth piled outside the club gates, still haunt the city's consciousness. “Dolphinarium” has remained a household name, and the building's concrete skeleton has sat untouched along Tel Aviv's otherwise picturesque sea promenade — a sort of delapidated memorial for the innocents who died there.

Developers, however, have been fighting to flatten the Dolphinarium for years. Just last December,