November 19, 2018

Jeffrey Goldberg Twerks John Kerry’s Butt [VIDEO]

It all started when Left-wing columnist Jeffrey Goldberg used Miley Cyrus to sound smart and wise. He bemoaned how Miley actually needed to heed advice from old Jewish men after she controversially proclaimed that she doesn't want a 70-year-old-Jew sitting behind a desk all day telling her what her generation wants to hear. He shows off his “erudition” by “>”John Kerry Is Israel's Best Friend,” he is so obviously twerking John Kerry's behind that he has proven just how unwise, unsavory, and politically slutty he is. In the piece, he strains to build up Secretary of State John Kerry as “an exemplar of a slowly vanishing type of Democratic Party leader, someone with great, and uncomplicated, affection for the promise of Zionism.”

But if you read carefully as he elaborates on the important people in the room where he heard Kerry's words, he comes off as a name-dropping prestige seeker, which he often hides with a healthy dose of self-deprecation. (I served on a panel at the Saban Forum…I casually chat with best-selling Israeli authors…I was invited to off-the-record meetings….) He uses the popular canard that the two-state “solution” is the pro-Israel, Zionist stance, ignoring the practical, humanitarian ramifications of such policy on the ground for Jews and Arabs alike. He mentions the appointment of a prestigious American general to chart security arrangements in the West Bank, but that's just dropping another name….

He makes Miley's famous tongue look really short from the way he wields his own up the behind of Obama and his officials. Miley might take some pointers from him. Of course, his most vulgar statement is suggesting that engaging in ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria to create a Palestinian state will lead to peace and prestige for Israel, not to mention peace-on-earth for the Palestinians, who'd be left to kill and oppress each other, if we can judge from what happened after the Gaza pull-out. He's more concerned with Israel's prestige–and his own.

It's self-interested, prestige-obsessed Jewish men like Jeffrey Goldberg that make this Jewish girl sympathize with Miley Cyrus. He's just a middle-aged Jewish man sitting behind a desk trying to run Israel and the lives of the people who live here. He won't have to send his kids to the IDF. He won't have to face the onslaught of rocket attacks that will hit Israel once more pullouts are forced upon the people. He won't have to lose his home. He won't have to lose his job when Israeli businesses that employ Palestinians are closed down in the name of fostering prosperity. He won't have to live under terrorist gangs. He'll live his cozy life in America, a BFF to the White House, a celebrated journalist.

We in Israel, and especially in the West Bank, have gotten beaten around long enough by decrepit politicians, Jewish and not-Jewish, especially those living in America, who want to dictate to us where we should live, how we should act, how we should behave, what we should want, what people should want of us.

Channeling Miley’s defiant spirit in her song “>WE, JEWS, CAN’T STOP. We can’t stop building, loving, praying, doing what we want in our land. Too quote Miley, “Only God can Judge ya. Forget the haters, cuz Somebody loves ya.”

Perhaps Goldberg is so concerned about God not loving him that he has to worship men.

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