January 19, 2019

Weird and happy news from Pakistan

It is never a dull day in Pakistan. Here are just some of the highlights from this week.

Space Cadet

“>one of the six Pakistanis who want to be a Martian. After Dutch venture, Mars One Applicants Community, started mobilising enthusiasts to sign up for the 54 million-kilometre space travel, Rahman signed up. His application was accepted. The Mars One project will cost around $6 billion and will take four persons to the red planet in 2023, my newspaper, The Express Tribune reported. What is not clear, however, is whether he’ll get the visa.
Photo: www.mars-one.com

Malala, prizes and a film

Photo: Time“>Our newspaper also reported that the first documentary film on the life of Malala Yousafzai is going to be released in Canada this week. The film, titled ‘A Girl From Paradise’, will then journey from Canada to China, to Europe and then to USA. The documentary has been directed and produced by award-winning Pakistani-Canadian Journalist Mohsin Abbas who, along with his crew, spent nine months in Pakistan, United Kingdom and Czech Republic, interviewing a wide range of people during its shooting.

Human chain
Photo: Express News

Louboutin & anti-Islam campaign

BK Lounge and Starbucks Paki stylee
Oh, and I was personally interested in this: Burger King has come to Pakistan by opening three outlets in Karachi. And while I haven’t been there because I think the lines will be terrible, I may report on how good the satisfries are. And while I’m on the topic, I should mention Sattar Baksh, a café that has opened in Karachi to pun on the name Starbucks. Sattar Baksh is actually a proper Pakistan man’s name. It has a quirky menu with items like the ‘Topless Besharam Burger’ – the word besharam means shameless in Urdu.