September 22, 2019

It’s official: Kate Upton isn’t going to Jake Davidson’s prom

So, 17-year-old Milken Community High School senior Jake Davidson won’t be putting a corsage on Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton’s wrist, after all.

On April 24, Davidson told the Journal that the American model and actress has turned down the invitation to his high school prom – this despite the viral success of Davidson’s March 17 YouTube video where he asked Upton to go out with him (the video has racked up more than 2.5 million views to date), Upton’s tweet on March 19, “you can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule ;)” and a March 20 “The Today Show” episode where Upton phoned in unannounced to tell Davidson, “I absolutely loved the video” and led Davidson–and everyone watching–to believe that she might actually go with him.

Davidson is taking the rejection like a good sport.

“While I would have loved for Kate to come to my prom, I understand she is a very busy and in demand professional and I am so grateful for Kate responding at all,” he said in an email.

Upton’s camp could not be reached immediately on Wednesday afternoon for comment.

The Los Angeles Times reported on March 26 that Upton turned down Davidson’s request due to her schedule being booked, but, speaking to the Journal three days later, Davidson said her official reply remained a maybe. Well, now we know for sure it’s not happening.

In related news, Los Angeles actress Jessica Rachel’s parody of Davidson’s video is getting some buzz.

“I know I may not be a famous swimsuit model, but I do look pretty terrific in a bikini,” Rachel says in “Kate Upton Says No – Bikini Babe says ‘Yes Jake Davidson.'” (Warning: Rachel's video contains some sexual images.)

Even if he didnt get the prom date he'd hoped for, Davidson still adores Upton.

“I appreciate everything she did as it made my senior year really surreal,” he said. “She really is awesome!”