August 20, 2019

Pop Iranian and Israeli singers to perform together at unity concert

Iranian-Armenian pop singer Andy Madadian is perhaps one of the best known Persian language musical artists internationally. Whether in North America, Europe or even in his native Iran, this singer who is known to his fans worldwide as just “Andy”, has sold millions of records. He has also performed concerts at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and stadiums. Over the last few decades Andy has remained popular among both young and old in the Iranian American community with a sound and lyrics that fans of Persian language music adore. Andy also has a large following of fans among Southern California’s Iranian Jews who have hired him for entertainment at their weddings, parties and other events over the years.

At the same, over the years Andy has performed at countless worthy non-profit events that revealed his unique philanthropic nature. So when I recently discovered that he will be performing with pop Israeli singer Liel Kolet for an August 4th “Peace and Unity” concert here in Los Angeles to benefit an international children’s charity, I was not surprised one bit. While the paring of Iranian and Israeli singers at a concert may seem odd to most, given the two country’s hostilities, these two artists’ music reflect their message of hope and tolerance needed in the Middle East today. Despite the Iranian regime’s hatred for Israel and the Jewish world, the majority of Iranians living in Iran, in the U.S. or elsewhere worldwide are quite hospitable and good-hearted folks who harbor no ill will towards Jews or Israelis. Interestingly enough the concert should be nothing short of remarkable because Andy will also be performing with eight other pop singers from around the world for the event.

On a side note, Andy’s music is officially banned in Iran by the regime because music in general is prohibited by radical Shiite Muslim theology followed by the regime. While the radical Islamic leaders in Iran have labeled Andy’s music as evil and with “degenerate Western influence”, he still has an army of young fans in Iran who still listen to his music behind closed doors. By the way, many may not know that Andy recently recorded a version of the song “Stand by Me” with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora to show their solidarity with the people of Iran, which can he heard here…


For more information on Andy’s Unity Concert visit his site.