December 10, 2019

UCLA’s Museum to host new Iranian Jewish art exhibition

To my delight I recently discovered that UCLA’s Fowler Museum will be exhibiting the “Light and Shadows” exhibit at their facility this fall which will feature the remarkably rich art and history of Iranian Jewry dating back nearly six centuries. This powerful exhibit was originally placed in Israel at Tel Aviv’s Museum of the Jewish People several years ago and received tremendous interest as well as acclaim from scholars and visitors alike. The exhibition was funded by local Iranian American Jewish philanthropists Youness and Soraya Nazarian through their “Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation” and they will likewise be funding the exhibition at the Fowler Museum as well. Their foundation has been heavily involved in founding and funding the university’s Israel Center as well as other Iranian Jewish programs at UCLA in recent years.

In my humble opinion the “Light and Shadows” exhibit coming to the Los Angeles area is indeed an incredible gift both UCLA and the “Y&S Family Foundation” are giving to city residents as well as to Southern California’s Iranian Jewish community which are estimated to be 40,000 strong. This exhibit will most likely give the younger generation of Iranian American Jews who have little knowledge of their history and background a better idea of the persecution their ancestors endured for centuries in Iran while retaining their Jewish identity. Likewise the younger generation can also take pride in the creative and intellectual achievements of their ancestors in Iran.

For more information about this Iranian Jewish art exhibition click here