September 18, 2019

Report: IDF to Urge Significant Response to Gaza Rockets, Balloons

Palestinians inspect the site of an Israeli air strike in the southern Gaza Strip, June 14, 2019. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Israel’s Channel 12 is reporting that leaders in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are going to urge for a significant response to the recent rocket attacks and incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip.

According to the Times of Israel, Channel 12 Military Analyst Roni Daniel said on Friday that “the IDF was considering ending its policy of warning occupants of buildings ahead of airstrikes, even if it causes casualties” as part of their “significant military” retaliation against Hamas. However, various Channel 12 pundits suggested that Israel’s second round of elections in September dims the chances of such a response occurring, per the Times of Israel.

On Thursday, a Gaza rocket struck a yeshiva in Sderot; no one was injured. Earlier in the day, the Iron Dome struck down a Gaza rocket that was headed toward Nirim. Israel retaliated with several rocket strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

There have been several incendiary balloons fired from Gaza that have sparked fires in southern Israel in recent days; on Friday, Palestinian rioters at the Israel-Gaza ignited seven fires through their use of incendiary balloons. Israel temporarily restricted the permitted fishing zone in Gaza on June 11 in response to the constant fire of incendiary balloons from Gaza.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel is transferring Qatari money to Palestinian factions in Gaza in hopes of calming the recent tensions; however, the recent rocket and balloon attacks have only increased the calls for a stronger military response in Gaza.