September 18, 2019

180 Palestinians Reportedly Injured in Latest Gaza Border Riots

Another round of riots at the Israel-Gaza border occurred on August 31, resulting in 180 Palestinians wounded, the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry is claiming.

The Times of Israel reported that around 5,000 Palestinians rioted at the border; the rioters threw rocks and burning tires at the border as well as incendiary kites. An incendiary balloon was flown into southern Israel and ignited a fire at the Be’eri Forest, but Israeli firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before it spread.

A grenade was also thrown at an Israeli soldier, although no injuries to Israeli soldiers have been reported.

The rioters are proclaiming that they were able to strike down an Israeli drone that was firing tear gas grenades to control the riot, however the IDF is claiming that the drone simply malfunctioned from a technical error.

“The marches will not end until all goals are achieved,” Deputy Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya declared at the riot. “As long as the occupation continues, our people have the right to resist in all ways.”

The Hamas-led riots at the border have been occurring since March to protest in favor of the Palestinian Right of Return and attempt to penetrate the Gaza border fence. Israel and Hamas are currently in talks for a long-term truce.