January 22, 2019

BREAKING: Palestinian Terrorist Kills One Israeli, Injures Two Others in Town of Adam [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3: The 31-year-old victim who was in critical condition has died, according to the Times of Israel’s Jacob Magid.

UPDATE 2: Palestinian media has identified the terrorist as 17-year-old Mohamed Tariq Yousef, who before the attack called for “a great revolt” on Facebook against Israel.

Additionally, Israel Hatzolah is still the only Israeli media outlet to report that one of the victims died. Other news outlets are reporting that one of the victims in his 30s is in critical condition and another in his 50s is in serious but stable condition.






UPDATE 1: Times of Israel reporter James Magid has more details:


Three Israelis have been stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist in the Adam (Geva Binyamin) community three miles northeast of Jerusalem near the West Bank, according to Israeli media.

The 16-year-old terrorist reportedly broke into an Israeli home and committed the stabbing. One of the victims reportedly died from his stab wounds. Another is in serious condition. The third victim is reportedly only moderately injured.

The terrorist has been shot and killed. Authorities are searching for a possible accomplice. Residents have been urged to remain inside their homes.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper said in a statement sent to the Journal, “Palestinian Authority and Hamas brainwashing another generation pays off  when a 16 year-old Palestinian attacks an Israeli home leaving one dead and two injured. The U.N.’s refusal to ever condemn Palestinian terrorism makes then complicit in this and the continuing terrorist campaign against Jews.”

More to come.

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