November 18, 2018

Israel Launches Airstrike Against Iranian Missiles in Syria

As fears of an imminent Iranian attack against Israel are mounting, Israel launched an airstrike close Damascus on May 8.

The strike was reportedly targeting Iranian missiles in al-Kiswah. Even though the Syrian army intercepted two Israeli missiles, nine pro-government fighters were killed in the strike.

The reported strike comes as the northern part of Israel in the Golan Heights area is currently on high alert as a result of “irregular activity” from Iran in Syria.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) fears that Iran is planning to launch a retaliatory attack against Israel for striking their T4 base in Syria. On May 6, there were reports that Iran was planning to launch missiles into Israel; now reports indicate that there are also fears that Iran is plotting to infiltrate “military bases and communities in the north” through its terror proxies per the Times of Israel.

The Pentagon is also reportedly becoming increasingly concerned about an Iranian attack against Israel.

The Israeli government has already told communities in the area to dust off the bomb shelters, but for now they are urging residents to remain calm.

“There are challenges and many threats, but we know how to deal with all the threats and to cope with all the challenges,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said at the Knesset. “There is no room for euphoria or pride, but we are ready for any scenario.”