January 16, 2019

Palestinian Terrorist Murders Two IDF Soldiers, Injures Two Others in Vehicular Attack

A Palestinian terrorist used a vehicle to murder two Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers and injure two other soldiers on Mar. 16, which was designated as another “Day of Rage” for Palestinians.

The terrorist, identified as 26-year-old Allah Kabhha, drove his vehicle into the four IDF soldiers stationed at an observation post just outside of the Mevo Dotan settlement in Judea and Samaria. Kabhha attempted to flee but was caught by the IDF shortly thereafter. He was injured from his attack but it’s not believed to be serious.

One of the two IDF soldier deaths occurred at the scene, while the second death occurring not much later. The two other IDF soldiers are being treated at Petah Tikva’s Medical Center for “moderate to serious” injuries.

Kabhha, who is from the Baarta town, had previously been imprisoned for “terror-related activities” and was on the IDF’s radar.

Palestinian terror groups responded with glee to the attack. Hamas spokesperson Hazam Kasam declared, “This attack makes it clear that the intifada is continuing for the Palestinian people.” Islamic Jihad called for more attacks like Kabhha’s.

Multiple Palestinian groups encouraged Palestinians “to confront IDF soldiers and settlers” on Mar. 16, a “day of rage” to commemorate the 100th day since President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The riots that have occurred since are becoming increasingly “violent,” per the IDF.