December 16, 2018

13 Arab-Israeli Lawmakers Thrown Out of Knesset for Protesting Pence Speech

Thirteen Arab-Israeli Knesset Members were tossed from the Knesset on Monday for protesting Vice President Mike Pence’s speech.

The lawmakers were a part of the Arab Joint List faction; they stood up holding signs that stated, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” to protest President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and heckled the vice president. The 13 MKs were then removed from the Knesset to applause.

Joint List chairman Ayman Ordeh, who lead the protest, tweeted:

NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell seemed to sympathize with the thrown out lawmakers when she tweeted, “Can you imagine Capitol Police dragging members of the congressional black caucus off the House floor?”

However, Jerusalem Post reporter Lahav Harkov pointed out that Mitchell had numerous factual errors in her tweet, most notably that it’s against Knesset rules to hold signs during a speech:

Harkov also noted that there have been plenty of other instances in which lawmakers have been thrown out of the Knesset for holding up signs:

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman lambasted the thrown out lawmakers on Twitter as being “representatives of terrorist organizations in the Knesset.”

“Their shameful behavior exposed to everyone their disloyalty to the state and its symbols,” Lieberman tweeted. “Only when Israeli Arabs allow other voices to represent them will be a chance for true peace.”

During his speech, Pence reaffirmed America’s commitment as a staunch ally to Israel and praised the Jewish people.