November 21, 2018

Two Israeli Bedouins Arrested for Allegedly Murdering IDF Soldier

Two Israeli Bedouins have been arrested on Monday for allegedly murdering an Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldier on Thursday.

The two Bedouins, who have not been publicly identified as of this writing, are brothers and one of them admitted to committing the murder, going as far as re-creating what took place. He led authorities to the soldier’s gun, which he claimed they didn’t intend to steal.

The attack is believed to have been “nationalistically motivated” and Shin Bet is looking to see if the terrorists were connected to ISIS.

The suspects’ lawyer, Eyal Avital, issued a statement that read, “The family [of the suspects] has criticized the murder, and is appalled by the ghastly actions of the murderers. It’s important to note that this is only an initial suspicion, and one should not jump to conclusions.”

The murdered soldier, identified as 19-year-old Ron Yitzhak Kokia, was fatally stabbed outside of a mall in Arad. He tried to call for help, but by the time medical personnel arrived it was too late. Kokia served in the Nahal Brigade.

In response to the murder, checkpoints have now been established outside of Arad as well as an increased police presence in the southern region of the country.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the terrorists who committed the murder as “despicable.”

Five-hundred people attended Kokia’s funeral on Sunday. His sister, Shani, tearfully said, “We have no words to describe how to continue living with the thought that you are not with us.”

“How were you there all by yourself without us around to protect you? We so badly want to have been there during your last moments to hug you and not let go.”