December 16, 2018

You Won’t Believe What Was Found On This Security Camera Footage

A moment caught by a security camera at United Hatzalah’s headquarters unearthed something spectacular: a Jew and a Muslim praying together.

The video shows an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man standing behind an office chair in a vacant office at the United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem. The man is praying silently, swaying to and fro. Just a few feet away, a devout Muslim man is seen spreading out his prayer rug and bowing in prayer.

Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah, told the Journal in a text message that both men in the video are volunteers.

“Watching this video makes me so proud,” Beer wrote. “The fact that people who have no connection, no family or religious connection, …they can connect around the act of saving lives.”

Beer added that “this is the kind of thing that happens every day at United Hatzalah.”

“We save lives together and very often we pray together because we are united by our mission,” wrote Beer.

United Hatzalah is an organization that focuses on providing emergency medical services throughout Israel through its volunteers.