October 22, 2019

Focus on Israel: The ABCs of educational apps

Whether you want to teach your kindergartner the alef-bet or have your high-schooler brush up on ancient history, there’s a plethora of smartphone and tablet apps available for students of all ages and abilities who are interested in Israel. All apps can be downloaded from either iTunes or Google Play.

Eye On Israel

Before your high-schooler spends a semester abroad in Jerusalem, have her brush up on her Old City history and geography with EYE ON ISRAEL. The free app enables users to search for important historic, cultural and religious sites by map or drop-down menu, while also providing real-time information on the area. The app for iOS and Android devices also includes other features, including a timeline and general history of Jerusalem.


Birds of Israel

Spending school breaks in Israel can be fun and educational with BIRDS OF
. Nature-loving teens can use the free app for iOS devices to identify more than 529 species of Israeli birds during hikes and walks around town. Detailed descriptions of each bird accompany colorful photos that make avian identification easy.


Kids Puzzles In Hebrew: First Words


Intended for children ages 3 to 8, KIDS PUZZLES IN HEBREW: FIRST
($1.99) for iOS devices is a collection of 48 puzzles to help nonnative speakers learn basic Hebrew words while also exercising their spatial recognition and matching skills. The beautiful illustrations and professional voice-over will help keep your child engaged while learning proper pronunciation of new vocabulary.


HebrewVision: To Count


Kids of all ages can benefit from learning numbers and basic mathematics in HEBREWVISION: TO COUNT ($1.99). Besides teaching users how to pronounce and write numbers, the app for iOS and Android devices also teaches practical application of numbers, such as counting and telling time in Hebrew. The app uses a combination of interactive animations, touch-based narration and video demonstrations.


Hebrew Bubble Bath


With more than 600 words and phrases, HEBREW BUBBLE BATH is perfect for language-learners of all ages. The free app for iOS and Android devices uses a variety of games — aural and visual — in 63 categories with multiple levels in each to help your child hone language skills before the next family trip to Israel.