January 19, 2020

3 Israeli Arrested For SUV Smuggling In Gaza

A recent joint operation that involved different security services and Shin Bet paid dividends by arresting 3 Israeli citizens on a suspicion of helping different Hamas officials in smuggling vehicles. The vehicles were supposed to be utilized by the Hamas security forces and its different military wings.

According to Although it is not yet confirmed, the suspected network is reported to have been responsible for the smuggling of over 100 SUV vehicles in the year 2016. All of them were to be used in the Gaza Strip by Hamas militants. 3 suspects arrested in the case are all Israeli citizens and were identified as being Nuh Muzlah, Faris Muzlah and Said Muzlah. They are residents in the Negev Shaqib al-Salam.

The way in which the operations were handled is different than what officials expected. The 3 suspects are accused of having disassembled the SUV vehicles and then hidden them in the cargo that was destined to reach the Gaza Strip. After the investigations were over, it was highlighted that the people that smuggled did know that the work was done for the Hamas officials. 

The smuggling method did not surprise some security establishment officers. It basically proves the fact that Hamas is highly creative when working with different collaborators with the purpose of acquiring equipment that would make the entire operation stronger.

The all-terrain vehicle parts that were smuggled were then reassembled and after that, they were used by Hamas in its special security forces and the military wing.

Investigations are still ongoing in order to understand all the aspects of the smuggling operation. It has been highlighted that in many cases the smuggling network took advantage of different truck drivers. The drivers were reported to not having been aware of smuggling SUV parts into the Gaza Strip. The parts were hidden in different shipments.

The operation was uncovered thanks to the initial discovery of an SUV parts filled shipment thanks to the observations of the Kerem Shalom Border Crossing inspectors. Apparently, the operations have been going on for a really long time. It is not known where it started and the police did not make an official statement about the potentially identified Hamas military leaders that were involved. Cars transported by truck to Gaza were then assembled but it is not known exactly where and who else is involved in the smuggling network.

On the whole, this is just the latest of the smuggling operations discovered by Israeli officials. Hamas is currently reported as having different smuggling operations set up at the moment. The police is working hard to discover what Hamas is using to get stronger and the recent blow is most likely just one in a series that will be seen in the future.

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