February 22, 2019

Netanyahu to address Jewish Federations after meeting Obama

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the annual Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly.

Netanyahu will be a featured speaker at the general assembly, taking place this year in Washington from Nov. 8-10. Netanyahu will speak on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

His appearance will follow his Nov. 9 meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House, the first meeting the two men will have had since Netanyahu launched a bid early in 2015 to kill the emerging Iran nuclear deal.

Iran and the six major powers completed the deal in July, but Netanyahu was not ready to discuss enhanced security cooperation with the United States until he was sure Congress would not kill the deal. Netanyahu did not want to be seen as giving the deal his tacit approval by agreeing to increased assistance.

Congress’ deadline to kill the deal was on Thursday; several efforts to kill the deal were unsuccessful.

The theme of this year’s general assembly is “global Jewish security,” a Jewish Federations of North America statement said. The conferences generally also attract a senior United States administration official; that person has yet to be announced.