October 22, 2019

June 8, 2012


The Netanyahu Paradox

David Margolick of Vanity Fair profiles the Israeli prime minister, meeting ‎Netanyahu in Jerusalem – and hearing from his supporters and detractors too. ‎

The Iranian threat has made Bibi even more politically formidable: a supreme ‎leader in Tehran has helped create a semi-supreme leader in Jerusalem. Not ‎that it has rescued him from his insatiable critics. “For some Israelis, Israel is ‎confronting two main problems: one is Iran and the second is Bibi Netanyahu—‎and not necessarily in that order,” Gonen Ginat, of Israel Hayom, the free daily ‎newspaper many believe Adelson essentially created for Netanyahu, told me. The ‎paper’s very existence reflects Netanyahu’s conviction that, at their core, many ‎problems, both his and Israel’s, are really matters of hasbara: Hebrew for public ‎relations.‎

The End of Israeli Impunity

Whatever the outcome of the Egyptian presidential run-off, the new leader will ‎see Israel’s unresolved conflict with the Palestinians as a reason to rethink its ‎own treaty with the Jewish state, writes Akiva Eldar in the National Interest. ‎

It will be difficult to cool further the diplomatic, cultural and economic ‎relationship between the countries. Relations have been nearly frozen since ‎Mubarak’s removal from office. A long-standing deal under which Israel ‎was supplied with Egyptian natural gas is practically dead. The Israeli ‎embassy in Cairo was ransacked by an angry mob last September. Israeli ‎journalists are not allowed to visit Egypt, and very few businessmen dare to ‎enter the country. On a different level, Egypt is leading the Arab diplomatic ‎campaign calling on the international community to force Israel to sign the ‎nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). ‎

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