February 17, 2019

Abortion is not a “Baby Holocaust” Michelle Duggar

I know that abortion is a touchy subject. I understand that people are passionate about the debate, and that faith plays a role in how strong people’s opinions are.  I think abortion is a personal decision, and in the interest of full disclosure, I support a woman’s right to choose, and believe abortion should be an available option to all women.

Some will agree with me, and some will say I am going to hell, and that is okay.  I am not writing about whether or not abortion should be legal.  This is about Michelle Duggar speaking in Austin, Texas this week, and saying that abortion is a “Baby Holocaust”.  Blessings to this woman and her family, but for the love of God, to make this comparison is simply ignorant and makes no sense to me.

Michelle Duggar, along with her husband Jim Bob, are the stars of the TLC reality show 19 Kids & Counting, which has been on television for eleven seasons.  She is the mother of 19, does not believe in abortion, is openly pro-life, and not shy about sharing her opinion and religious beliefs.  I do not know her, but am sure she is a perfectly lovely woman.

However, to compare abortion to Hitler’s attempt to eradicate the Jewish people is offensive to me as a woman, as a Jew, and as an intelligent human being.  I didn’t really have an opinion on Mrs. Duggar until now, but will share that I think she is unaware and uneducated on the subject of the Holocaust. Shame on her for making such a hurtful statement.

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of six million Jews during World War ll.  Not only were Jews persecuted, but also Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma Gypsies, blacks, homosexuals, Priests and Pastors who would not accept the Nazi ideology, the disabled and handicapped. Eleven million people were murdered during the Holocaust.

It was heartbreaking to hear what Mrs. Duggar said.  How is it possible that people are so uneducated about this time in history?  How is possible that a seemingly lovely woman would say such an idiotic thing in order to push her own personal agenda? How is it possible that those who lost their lives during the Holocaust are disrespected in this way?

I worked for many years in Holocaust education and it hurts to my core that people do not understand the history. I would encourage Mrs. Duggar to get educated. She has 19 kids, and counting, so for her to pass along her ignorance to them is sad.  This is not about God, religion, or abortion.  This is about being educated and choosing your words wisely.

Religion is what gives many comfort, yet rips many apart.  Politics are what make this country great, yet rips it apart.  I share my opinion on politics and religion. I am always honest, try to always be respectful, and welcome feedback from those who agree, and those who do not.  When it comes to the Holocaust however, I have no tolerance for ignorance.

I will happily educate Mrs. Duggar should we wish to talk about it.  I am angry about her speech, but also sad.  It made me cry to not only hear of her comments, but of the applause she received. I am sad, mad, scared, and frustrated.  My heart is heavy, but I am speaking out for 11 million souls, and I pray that my son is always free to keep the faith.