January 22, 2019

Zombies and Enlightenment

The Zombies are such spiritually enlightened ones who give up the self
and follow “the way.”

The bloody headless ones need only the heart, and that is their path.

and the vampires, yes, who live forever know the immortal and teach your blood they place beyond.

In the foundation below the foundation 

or simply the FOUNDation that I am opening to you with the cheesed of yesod

I think we wanted to expand the world before the when we say this is all.

That you tell me what your eyes saw that day in the basement with signs of simplistic quotes of faith hung by preschool teachers.

 face gets ripped off and finds the You you are.

I miss you
I’ve missed you.
I’ve missed knowing. 
I asked for this life.
I asked for what’s true.
People not on this path… are looking for you.

 when we expand beyond what we ever knew what good was or wrong was and light and dark. They say we're immortal, just playing a game, horror and terror, treasures in our chests. We'll make a sound and sing for you this golden cloth.