September 23, 2019

Letters to the editor: Barack Obama, Guy Davidi, happy Chanukah and more

Backing Barack

Yes, finally a prominent voice from the Jewish community has spoken truth to fact (“Why Jews Still Back Obama,” Dec. 12). Kudos to Rob Eshman for stating facts, and not falling for the loud, anti-Obama voices on the right.

Allan Kretchman via email

Nice article from Rob Eshman on Israel and Barack Obama … but I think he missed something. From the beginning of his term and the Cairo speech, Obama seemed to have a visceral dislike of Israel and of Benjamin Netanyahu.

This, to me, fits into the Journal narrative right now. But we need a leader like Netanyahu when we have the worst president ever for Israel. He says the right things and we have security arrangements, but his heart is not in it.

Thanks for the piece.

Chic Lippman, Los Angeles

Rob Eshman complains that Republicans have been picking on President Barack Obama since 2008 with respect to Israel, and no matter what he says, they still will not recognize what a great friend he is. In 2008, Obama said, “And Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” Now, any construction in the eastern part of Jerusalem is considered illegal by the Obama administration.

What happened to the undivided capital?

It seems that Obama is, let’s say, credibility-challenged.

Bill Azerrad, Los Angeles

The writer is an apologist, in my opinion. He doesn’t consider that the leak more likely was purposefully issued from the Obama administration to pressure Netanyahu. This administration likes to create and take advantage of chaos. It knows that the American-Jewish voters will not bolt, so it can play to the leftist base and the Islamists.

John Goren via

This editorial would have been more appropriate if it was written for Purim.

Nathan Leibowitz, Sherman Oaks

Artistic License

I enjoyed reading this article and am very glad that artists like Guy Davidi are covered in the Jewish Journal (“The Israeli Anarchist,” Dec. 12). I am just curious about why the headline defines him as an anarchist, when none of his statements reflect that particular form of political thinking.

Dyanne Asimow via

Youth Wasted on the Young

The concept of taking a “gap year” is a stopgap measure to help reset teenagers and allow them to decompress and enjoy being themselves (“Finding Solutions to Reducing Teen Stress,” Dec. 12). We have to stop pushing teenagers to the next thing and let them reclaim living in the moment.

Avram Mandell via

Channeling Niemoller

It was heartfelt to see the tribute Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson received from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by having his wish fulfilled and being buried in Israel (“Non-Jewish L.A. Zionist Buried in Israel,” Dec. 12). These non-Jewish, Zionistic heroes deserve great admiration in the way they put their life on the line to fight for a country that was not their own. Patterson should be a symbol to encourage people in today’s society to fight for what they believe in, even when it is not for “their cause.” I believe that this tribute will be instilled in the hearts of the Patterson family for generations to come.

Alexandra Leibovits, Los Angeles

A well-written article! A story that deserves to be read and shared. 

Reuven Koret via

Happy Chanukah!

For a number of years now, I’ve been in the habit of picking up a copy of the weekly Jewish Journal at Cantor’s. I’m starting to feel guilty about it. The editors and the contributing folks do such an incredible job, and I end up playing on the cheap — not a good thing. Starting this week, I will be making an annual donation to the Jewish Journal via TRIBE Media Corp. The check is in the mail today or tomorrow … I promise!

Arnold Ross via email


In an article on actor Kirk Douglas (“Kirk Douglas, a Poet at 98, Gets Personal,” Dec. 12), the cause of death of his son Eric was reported incorrectly. Eric Douglas died of an accidental drug overdose.