January 20, 2019

Letters to the editor: Shangri-La, Theodore Bikel, Hillary Clinton and more

Judging Justice

Rob Eshman’s arguments for overturning the verdict appear to be sound; but are they based upon the evidence presented at the trial? (“The Shangri-La Charade,” Sept. 12.) If so, then of course the verdict should be overturned by the justices of the appellate court. If not, then the verdict should stand. What has not been reported is what efforts were made to resolve this matter before the commencement of the trial, or even during the trial. My experience as an attorney who has tried many cases before a jury is that jurors take their responsibilities seriously and that their verdicts are based upon the evidence. Newspaper, radio, TV accounts of a case many times overlook the evidence that was actually presented at trial, and instead bring up matters not put before the jury (usually [having been] ruled inadmissible on legal grounds) to support the notion that the verdict was wrong. It looks like Eshman did a better job of cross-examining Mr. Codrey than Shangri-La’s lawyers did at trial. In the end, I, like he, hope that the appellate court justices render the right result, one that is supported by the evidence that was presented at trial and by the law.

Steve Barkin via jewishjournal.com

Huff About Henry and Hillary

There can be no excuse for Hillary Clinton sucking up to a warmonger and war criminal, but that’s politics for you (“Brands Make Lousy Lovers,” Sept. 12). Her vote for the Iraq War is going to be a serious problem once again, and maybe she can spin a better fantasy than last time around. She still has my support, but much more of this Henry Kissinger crap and I’m jumping ship.

John Thomas via jewishjournal.com

Come Home Soon

Thank you, Steve Gutow, for this call to action on behalf of my friend and colleague, Alan Gross. May God give Alan and his family the strength to continue to hope and achieve the redemption from unjust captivity they seek and deserve.

Howard Feinberg via jewishjournal.com

Save the Sacred or Fight the Hatred?

I have been an admirer of Theodore Bikel for many years. Being a liberal Democrat, we have been on the same side of most issues. He is a pioneer having started the Newport Folk Festival and he has too many accomplishments to list here. 

I read his article in this week’s Jewish Journal and was upset with his lack of insight to the facts on this issue (“Grieving the Children of Palestine and the Dream of Zionism,” Sept. 12). Not one of my Jewish friends was happy to see Palestine’s children’s bodies shown on CNN 24 hours a day. It broke my heart as well. The Jewish community that I know mourns every innocent death. But nowhere in Mr. Bikel’s article does he even mention Hamas. Is Israel to do nothing when 3 Jewish children are kidnapped and murdered? Is Israel responsible for the rockets of Hamas being hidden in schools and private homes? Is Israel responsible for the 3,000 rockets that were fired on Israeli civilians? As for Bikel’s assertion that Jews have been silent on this issue, I guess that he wasn’t watching CNN and all of the Jewish spokespersons that were criticizing Israel, because they were on all the time. My 16-year-old daughter was in Israel with the Ramah Seminar during the entire war and I was comforted by the fact that Israel was keeping her safe by destroying the tunnels and missile-launchers. As much as I love Theodore Bikel, he got this all wrong.

Jeff Goldsmith, West Hills

If there is no two-state solution, then equal rights must be extended to every adult person living in Israel, including those in the West Bank and Gaza. One person, one vote. What would Israel look like then? Theodore Bikel speaks for me. He speaks for many American Jews and progressive Jews in Israel. Many of us were brought up with the same dream that he had.

Phillip Cohen via jewishjournal.com

Holey Rolls!

If these people were really serious, they’d bring along some small round rolls, tack them to a target and make their own bagels the way The Swedish Chef makes doughnuts (“From Slingshots to Rifles: A Jewish Club Fires Away,” Sept. 12).

Esther Kustanowitz via jewishjournal.com


The Sept. 12 article “A Pageant Where Age Is Beautiful,” erroneously stated that Sandra Erkus has three children and five grandchildren, and worked in youth counseling before retirement. She has two children, no grandchildren and worked as a health care counselor.