March 19, 2019

“Jews Can’t Stop”: Parodying Miley while making a statement

Jewish Journal blogger, and American settler, Orit Arfa, is raising eyebrows here and abroad with her controversial music video, “Jews Can't Stop,” a re-write of Miley Cyrus's party anthem, “We Can't Stop,” and part of a recent blog post on our website.

Arfa, who lives in Ariel, has been very vocal in defending her cause throughout the years–writing countless blogs and articles trying to set the record straight on why she (and many others) are doing what they're doing.

In her music video, between shots of pole dancing on Israeli signs and seductively writhing on rocks, Arfa addresses the continuous meddling of the US (specifically Secretary of State, John Kerry) in West Bank politics.

Arfa's lyrics point to the political dilemna at hand. She writes:

“It’s our land, we do what we want.

This is our home, this is our rules.

Can’t you see it’s we who own the land, can’t you see it’s we who take a stand.

And everyone in line to make peace, trying to get a Nobel for peace. We all so fed up here,
getting fed up here, yeah, yeah. 

We build things, things don’t build we. Don’t take nothing from John Kerry.”

According to an interview Arfa did with The Times of Israel, “Political leaders 'torpedo normalized relations between Jews and Arabs in the West Bank,' and that left alone, the two national groups would figure out how to live and prosper together.”

Arfa added that, “Jews are especially concerned with how they are perceived and being politically correct. I think what many people need to get over is the fear of what other people think.”

Another point Arfa made in that interview was that she doesn't care what government she's living under–Palestinian or Israeli. All that matters to her is that she can live in the West Bank with the same freedom as anyone else–although she currently thinks that only Israel is capable of providing that freedom and safety.

Whether or not you agree with Arfa, it's clear from the video that she's got chutzpah (and with over 100,00 views on YouTube, she's got an audience as well.)