Obituaries: Week of March 27th

Gennady Chernobylsky died March 6 at 58. Survived by wife Vera; son David Joseph. Mount Sinai
March 25, 2015

Gennady Chernobylsky died March 6 at 58. Survived by wife Vera; son David Joseph. Mount Sinai

David Cline died March 3 at 67. Survived by daughter Taryn (Raymond) Cline Bouwer; sons Adam, Bret, Matthew; 1 granddaughter; stepdaughter Nicole; stepsons Nathan, Aaron Miles; brothers Barrie (June), Laurence Alan (Robyn); sister Patsy Diamond; stepsisters Pam, Gyloian, Robyn. Mount Sinai

Alice E. Feinberg died March 6 at 88. Survived by daughters Shari (Steven) Uhlenberg, Maureen (Carol DeCapua) Lawrence; son Kenneth (Marla); 6 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild; brothers Enrique Eisen, Saul (Chandra Stevens) Eisen; sister Raquel Eisen. Mount Sinai

Norbert Gehr died Feb. 28 at 74. Survived by daughter Crystal; sons Max, Robert, Andrew; brothers Leo, Richard. Hillside

Beatrice L. Gingold died Feb. 27 at 99. Survived by son David; daughter Lauren Sax; 1 grandson; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Ida Ginsburg died March 1 at 95. Survived by daughters Marlene (Harvey) Glaser, Rosalind (Yacov) Glaser, son Leonard; 5 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Spencer Greenwood died Feb. 28 at 27. Survived by father James; mother Audrey; brother Zachary. Hillside

Edith Horwitt died March 7 at 88. Survived by sons Andrew, David; daughter-in-law Julie Fredickson; sister Ann Model. Hillside

Touba Abrams Kaye died March 3 at 93. Survived by daughters Dessa, Tani, Kim. Groman Eden

Robert Klein died March 3 at 72. Survived by wife Marian; daughter Laura (Jeff) Lipson; son Randy; stepdaughters Lori (Gary) Kaminsky, Joanne (Harrison) Dossick; sisters Bonnie Billick, Sandra; 7 grandchildren. Hillside

Estelle Ruth Kriger died March 7 at 85. Survived by sons Jeffery (Satomi), Richard; 3 grandchildren; sister Betsy Penn; brother William Penn. Groman Eden

June L. Kurtz died Feb. 28 at 86. Survived by daughters Rhonda, Jennie (Gil); brother Richard; sisters Theresa, Mirium. Mount Sinai

Sarah Gershel Kushnirova died Feb. 28 at 88. Survived by daughter Lana (Boris Merzlak) Novikov; son Alex (Myra) Gordon; 6 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Shirley Langdorf died March 2 at 85. Survived by daughter Lori (Art) Feierman; son Mark (Barbara); 3 grandchildren; brother Albert Sobel. Mount Sinai

Lawrence A. Meyerson died Feb. 28 at 96. Survived by son Carl (Marie); son-in-law Charles Zahler; 3 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Justin Neishuler died March 4 at 36. Survived by mother Janis; stepfather Russ Arslan; 2 uncles. Hillside

Leonard Nimoy died Feb. 27 at 83. Survived by wife Susan Bay; son Adam; daughter Julie; stepson Aaron Bay Schuck; 6 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Joseph Paul died Feb. 27 at 91. Survived by cousins Lenny, Stuart Flamm. Groman Eden

Sonya Rappaport died Feb. 28 at 79. Survived by niece Penny Tee. Hillside

Harry H. Reder died March 2 at 95. Survived by son Leonard (Phuong). Groman Eden

Jean Rosen died March 2 at 103. Survived by nieces Frances Legacz, Hanna Koral; great-nephews Sam (Ana) Legacz, Peter, Richard Koral. Mount Sinai

Joyce Rosenberg died Feb. 26 at 87. Survived by son David (Karen); daughters Eileen Kravitz, Susan, Deborah; 10 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Esther Roth died March 2 at 98. Survived by daughters Jacqueline Rankin, Roberta (Hugh) Black; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Goldie Fruma Rothstein died March 1 at 90. Survived by son Ronald; 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Betty Rozdal died Feb. 25 at 94. Survived by daughters Aviva (Moses) Laufer, Mickey (Steven Tolchin) Forman; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Barbara Scharfman died March 3 at 68. Survived by daughter Stephanie (Michael) Pfeiffer; brother Rob Kaplan; 1 grandchild; former husband Jay. Hillside

Horace Share died Feb. 25 at 96. Survived by daughters Gillian (Ronald) Wunsh, Isobel (Harlan) Steele, Helen; 4 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Carol Sherman died March 1 at 63. Survived by husband Menasche Nass; daughters Alanna Nass, Rachel Nass; son-in-law Michael Reeves; brother Gene (Ellen). Hillside 

Ilya Shif died March 7 at 82. Survived by daughters Irena (Michael) Hauser, Sophia (Albert) Kryszek; 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Shirley Shmuckler died Feb. 27 at 83. Survived by sons Andy, Jerry; 1 granddaughter; 2 great-grandsons; 1 niece. Mount Sinai

Isaac Silver died Feb. 26 at 79. Survived by daughter Michelle (Terry) Rouse; son David; sister-in-law Nancy; 9 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Jerry Silverman died March 5 at 86. Survived by wife Leslie; son Josh (Candy); stepdaughters Jennifer (Jerry) Nelson, Jannet (Alejandro); 7 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bonnie Smith died March 8 at 81. Survived  by son Martin (Alissan) Smith; daughter Donna (Mark) Stebbeds; 2 granchildren. Mount Sinai

Molly Sneider died Feb. 28 at 83. Survived by son Keith (William); 3 grandchildren; sister Helen Hill. Mount Sinai

Leo Sobel died Feb. 28 at 93. Survived by wife Clarice; daughter Carolyn (Ben) Lund; son Jay; 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Arthur Stashower died March 3 at 84. Survived by wife Barbara; sons Saul (Abby), David (Rebecca), Michael (Lori) Altabet; daughters Karen (Ron Marcus), Susan (Stephen Di), Karen (Michael) Freed; 7 grandchildren. Hillside

Richard Steinberger died Feb. 19 at 65. Survived by brothers Jeffrey, Dean (Cyndi). Mount Sinai

Jeanette Strumwasser died March 1 at 93. Survived by sons Todd (Kim), Brad, Kurt (Sue); sister Marta Faimberg; 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Joel H. Tasman died March 8 at 88. Survived by son Brian; daughter Lynne (Jack) Wasserman; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Randolph Tichauer died March 3 at 60. Survived by wife Marilyn; sons Casey (April) Hart, Danny (Adrienne) Hart, David, Alex; 2 grandchildren; brother Larry (Susan). Hillside

Charlotte Weisberg died Feb. 27 at 79. Survived by husband Robert; son Bruce (Wendy); daughter Nancy (Jeff) Berman; 2 grandchildren; sister Carol Miller. Mount Sinai

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