October 15, 2019

About the J-Meter

Welcome to the J-METER – an in-depth guide to polling on Israel and the Jewish World. The J-Meter tracks opinion poll results on the key issues, and presents them to you in one easily accessible package.

The numbers will be crunched by our resident statistician, Professor Camil Fuchs, analysis will be provided by Shmuel Rosner, and the project will be coordinated by Rosner’s Domain Content Editor, Sara Miller.

Among other things, J-Meter will track Benjamin Netanyahu’s popularity, as well as the projected number of Jews in the House and in the Senate, and American support for an attack on Iran, by Israel and/or the US.

The J-Meter will also include Rosner’s Domain long-running project, The Israel Factor, and offer you a comprehensive indication of public opinion on the topics that matter.

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