September 23, 2019

NEW: Tracking the trends in Israeli elections season

I’ll start with the following three facts:

1. Israel’s election is four months away. It is almost certainly to be held on September 4.

2. Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the Likud Party, will almost certainly be the next Israeli Prime Minister. That is, if the polls are accurate.

3. The new Israel’s Poll Trend feature is your best way of following Israel’s polls and understanding Israel’s political numbers.  This new feature is part of the larger J-Meter, and is also a Rosner-Fuchs joint venture (namely, a feature in which we take credit for work done mainly by Sara Miller, the Rosner’s Domain content manager).

Every week we will post an updated Israel Election Trends page that includes the following:

1. Fine-tuned presentation of three possible coalitions: A right-wing coalition, a centrist coalition and a left-wing coalition. This presentation, prepared by Prof. Camil Fuchs, will be at the heart of our attempt to explain how Israel’s political story unfolds between now and Election Day.

2. The latest 10 Israeli polls: Namely, the 10 most recent polls of political parties published by the Israeli media. In the table you’ll be able to see where the poll was published, on what date, and the distribution of mandates among Israel’s many parties.

3. Short analysis of the numbers and the dynamics presented in the graph and the table.

Read the first installment of this new feature here.