February 20, 2020

#NextGenJewCon: JFNA’s TribeFest Hits The Jackpot

“>Rachel Dratch, appeared tiny and barely visible.

Dratch, a spunky and hilarious veteran of Saturday Night Live, got her point across, as did the other speakers on the Main Stage over the three days of the Las Vegas conference, pitching the Jewish Federation in an elaborate promotion of Jewish community involvement.

By the time the curtain closed on Tuesday morning, TribeFest II seemed like it was a success.

“>RandomKid; Rochelle Shoretz, a two-time breast cancer survivor, who founded “>Jonathan Greenblatt, founder of Ethos Water, which provides drinking water to impoverished children. Many of the inspirational speakers shared stories of overcoming illness and personal adversity, in addition to their connections to the Jewish community. They also featured community and social entrepreneurs on the massive stage such as Jordan Wolfe from “>Israel Forever, “>AEPi, and “>Hatikvah 6 and rocker “>Venetian. The Adelsons participated on Sunday and Monday and made themselves available to speak with participants for nearly two hours at Sunday’s Mashup.

There were other gatherings on the periphery of TribeFest. A leadership track, a rabbinical track, and some independent parties. Jewlicious and another event organizer, “>Jewlicious Festivals, and ” title=”twitter.com/rabbiyonah” target=”_blank”> twitter.com/rabbiyonah.