May 21, 2019

A Conversation with Josh Altman of MDLLA

In the interest of full disclosure, Million Dollar Listing is one of my favorite reality shows. I've watched every episode of every season. I love it so much I don’t do a recap blog because then it becomes work and I like watching it for fun. I’m a fan of David and James the Englishmen, adore Josh Flagg, and think Josh Altman is a douche.

His television persona is entertaining but unappealing. That said, there is no denying he is great at his job.  I tried to connect with Josh in person for a week but we finally spoke by phone. He called 2 hours after our set time, which was annoying, but it took 2 minutes to fall under the Altman spell. Josh was in Colorado with his fiancé Heather visiting his parents and he was in a great mood.

I started the conversation by telling him I didn’t want to talk about the show as much as his new book, “It’s Your Move”, but he wanted to know if I watched the show. I told him I watched, was a big fan, and thought he was a douche. He didn’t miss a beat, said he understood, and felt confident I would have a different opinion after our conversation and jumped in.

The truth is I had a different opinion of Josh instantly. He is articulate, aware of how he is perceived by viewers, and simply does not care what people think of him. He is confident in his ability to do his job, proud of who he is a son and brother, and works hard to be the man he needs to be for his fiancé as they plan their wedding and future.

His clients like and respect him, plus his track record speaks for itself. He has been on MDLLA from the beginning and will stay for as long as they want him. He is the top seller of the cast, thrilled to be working with his brother, and excited about their partnership with real estate powerhouse Douglas Elliman. Altman is perfect for reality TV.

He has the rare ability to separate his reality TV persona from real life, which puts him one step ahead of the game. I asked what he thought about his co-stars and he didn’t have anything kind to say. In fact, he didn’t have anything to say. He laughed, clearly at them, then said they were on the show together, which was the extent of their involvement.

Josh Altman has a new book being released next week through Harper One. Important to note “It’s Your Move” is not a book about real estate. It is a book about how Josh views business. it is a good book, easy read, and worth your money, and will have value to a lot of people. My copy is full of highlighted pages where things resonated with me.

You don’t have to like Josh Altman on MDLLA to like this book. I actually gave my copy to my son because there is some great advice about being brave and bold as you chase your dreams. If you are marking your path in life this book is beneficial and if you are secure in your professional life, it will encourage you to prioritize your needs.

I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I actually liked it more than I dislike Josh on MDLLA. I asked Josh to give me three words that best describe him and he chose funny, aggressive, and passionate. He was funny and had me laughing out loud. He is aggressive both on the show and in how he speaks on the phone, which is sexy.

He is also passionate, particularly when he speaks of his fiancé and his faith. He loves Heather and knows he's lucky to be marrying her, particularly after their wedding was called off last year. He is protective of her and focused on making her happy. Heather is currently converting to Judaism and they plan to marry next year.

Josh comes a Jewish family and his father is active in the Aspen Jewish community. Josh had a Bar Mitzvah in the US and in Israel. He is proudly Jewish and it was important to him his children be Jewish. Josh Altman will cringe at what I am about to say, which I find oddly exciting, but he is more mensch than douche. Cover blown.

I’m guessing he’d rather I say he was a douche so he could roll his eyes and label me an idiot, but I’m a Jewish mother and try as he might to maintain his TV persona, he couldn’t really do it. He is a sweet and loving family man who makes his living as a shark, but lives his life as a goldfish. Swimming around and enjoying his fabulous life.

I liked Josh Altman when we spoke. I watched MDLLA last night and I still think he is a TV douche, but in real life he is a smart manwho has sound advice. “It’s Your Move” is a great book, Josh is a great guy, TV Altman is not my cup of tea, but I’m now in on the joke. Altman isn’t a douche in real life, he just plays one on TV.

I am not a book reviewer by trade but get sent a lot of to review and only read this one because it was written by a reality TV star and that is what I write about here. I feel comfortable telling you to buy this book. In fact, of all the reality TV stars whose books I got this year to read, this is the only one I would recommend you buy.

The key to enjoying reality TV is in knowing it is just television. I wasn’t expecting Josh to be exactly how he is on TV, and don’t get me wrong, he is a lot like how he is on TV, but he is a good writer and has  a great book. In the end Josh Altman is a goldfish wearing a shark suit but that is cool because both sharks and goldfish can keep it real.