December 10, 2019


One of the reveals in the Messianic reality
is the recognition of everyone we see.
Of course this recognition comes from, is towards, and of
the deepest place in us.

This desire of fame that we see in this culture
is an urge (which is a prayer,) a natural,
knee-jerk reaction of our inner Selves that are programmed and are bursting with the power of revelation. 

How much do you want to be known by all?
Yet so many famous people, we see all around us,
are being loved for a certain part of themselves or skill.
It feels empty which causes all kinds of addiction and entrapment and dissatisfaction and depression and the illusion of separateness and confusion. No one wanting to be recognized truly wants to be put ABOVE another or put on a pedestal. It is an awful feeling. No one Really wants to have their ego respected at all. What if we recognized each other
not because you have seen them before, or spoken with them, or because you went to high school with them, or have seen them on television, or see them every day, or know their family, or are a friend of a friend, but because you see them as an extension of the truest part of yourself? Your light is extending to the Globe,

an expansion of life meeting Love, Life meeting itself. 

Don't kid yourself: You are every pushed-to-rehab star you know. 

Caroline Myss says it perfectly. She says that if we really were to see each other, we would fall at each other's feet in reverence.
The deepest celebratory celebrated celebrity is acknowledgement of our true natures, in recognition of our depth as God. There would be more screaming and amazement than we have ever seen before in revealing the one. Lights flashing. going ga-ga, red carpets, special treatment, celebration, awe, swooning
because I am amazed by You.
I fall on the ground at your sight.
Your heart is the dearest autograph.
Please write it on mine.


Emily Stern

(for the sake of your name)