November 21, 2018

A Dying Patient’s Wish for his Granddaughter’s Wedding

My 89-year-old patient is ‪‎dying‬ in the hospital of kidney failure, heart failure, lung failure, but not of brain failure.

He asked for an emergency family meeting and with a room full of people around him.

He said: “Let go of me, physically, but keep me in your hearts.

Forget I died but remember I lived.

If I made you laugh, if you ate a good meal with me, if you enjoyed my voice when I sang to you, if I gave you a piece of advice that was useful- think of those moments forever and fondly.

Then, look up and smile, and know that I will too.

My dear grandchild-  in a few weeks you have a wedding. I will be there with you.

Don't cancel it.

Life is too precious to waste it crying.

What I want from you, is what I wish for my dear wife, that after I am gone, you live fully, love deeply, be joyous.

So, throw your party, dance with my feet, sing with my voice, laugh with my breath and hug each other in a way that I can feel the warmth between you.

That way, I will know that my life and my words were worth something.”