October 21, 2019

Lazy Daters

Dear Auntie Jodi,
I am amazed at the number of lazy daters I’ve met recently. I don’t live on the Westside, but I do live in a great neighborhood—in a nice home—all because it cuts about a half hour off my morning commute to work. So many times, when meeting potential dates, I’m immediately discounted because of my area code. Other than getting a new cell number with the so-called preferred prefix, I don’t know what to do.
Not a 310.

Dear Not a 310,

Auntie is amazed and seriously appalled about this too. It seems that with all the “new and improved” dating apps now available, it’s even easier for lazy daters to fall into the “kid in a candy store” syndrome when looking for a date. When those 310s figure out that there are plenty of 10s in the 626, 818, 323, 213 and other area codes, it will probably be too late for them.

They’ll forever be spending their lives serially dating, passing all the “good ones” by and wondering why they can’t meet someone. Why not volunteer, go dancing, or join a sports league in your area—you never know when or where you’ll find your true love. And remember—be prepared and friendly at all times—you never know how your own “meet cute” story will unfold.