October 17, 2019

Israeli Startup Releases Tobacco-Free Medical Cannabis Blend

While more pain patients are turning to medical marijuana than ever before, a substantial number are consuming tobacco mixed with their treatment.

Though it is not a common practice in North America, combining tobacco with cannabis has become particularly popular in Europe and Israel, where it is estimated that approximately 75 percent of patients smoke tobacco alongside marijuana.

Luckily, the Israeli startup, Eybna Technologies, known for their cannabis flavored edibles, is releasing a new product to resolve this issue.  

The company’s latest tech, Wingman, is a cannabis-enhancing blend that is free of additive ingredients and enriched with terpenes.

This new blend is unique to the industry in that its saturated with terpenes, which have been proven to help improve the bioavailability of cannabis. This means patients can consume a tobacco-free treatment, while simultaneously smoking less cannabis and achieving the same effect.  

Mixing marijuana with tobacco has been found to cause a variety of symptoms. ” target=”_blank”>Eybna's website