November 18, 2018

Gaza Girls Sing “Ew Jew!” [WATCH]

Last year, the Gaza Girls, a fictitious Muslim girls band I created, made waves with their hit music video,  <a href=" “>”Kill All the Jews”, with over 330,000 views on Vimeo.

Vimeo was the only video platform with the guts to keep it up – and not because Vimeo promotes Jewish genocide. On the contrary. Unlike YouTube and Facebook, <a href="
“>Vimeo actually provides customer service, and after I had explained to their support team that the video was a satiric educational tool about anti-Semitism in Palestinian media, a Video rep named Sean wrote back as follows:

Frankly, I have had lots of practice answering questions and complaints about your video at this point! More often than not, people miss the satire entirely (which is the same mistake we made the first time we saw it). It’s a sad state of affairs when something so over the top could plausibly be a sincere example of what it is engaging with. In any case, we definitely respect expression above all else and are happy to have your back!

Which leaves one to wonder the reasons for YouTube and Facebook taking the video down – where they more afraid of offending Islamic sensibilities? Vimeo's astute observation also encapsulates the problem people will undoubtedly have with the Gaza Girl's second single, <a href=" “>”Ew Jew!” WATCH:

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<a href=" “>”Ew Jew!” New Hit Single by Gaza Girls! (SATIRE) from <a href=" “>Gaza Girls on <a href=" “>Vimeo.

With what Palestinian media is putting out today, it's not surprising that something so overly anti-Semitic, so overly hate-filled, could now really be mistaken for something real. The only differentiating factor, which may tip off that “Ew Jew!” is a fake, is that these girls are colorful, cheerful and…liberated. Check out <a href="
“>this “Gaza Guy” from Rafah brandishing a knife and calling on the people of the West Bank to stab the “criminal” Jews (via MEMRI).

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Check out this <a href="
“>tutorial by more “Gaza Guys” on how to stab Jews. This is something that can't be made up…and yet, I made it up, even though it exists.

Gaza Girls simply educates, in a more entertaining way, that the blood spilling on the streets of Israel these days has nothing to do with settlements in the West Bank/Judea and Samaria. It has to do with Jews. Those Ew Jews. Now sing along!